there were a thousand people. cubed, that seemed to be the magic number.

Standing on that beach, I thought I was going insane. We didn't know how many people there were, only that there were a ton of us, stranded, out of place and time, with people we didn't know, on a pebbled beach at what seemed like daybreak. It was hard to tell, with the two suns. That threw a lot of us for a loop. But to be totally honest, the first few hours on that beach were a blur. There were a lot of people crying. There were many attempts at organization. Someone had the smart idea of talking to everyone, finding out their name, their country, and what languages they could speak. That was the hardest thing - languages. English was popular, as was Spanish and Hindi and Mandarin, but there was also French and Finnish and so many more. People separated themselves pretty quickly by languages, and though there were a few bilingual and polyglots,

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